Super Specialisation in Fashion Design


This curriculum focuses on developing an understanding of key theoretical concepts and on practicing skills associated with the areas of clothing, textiles, and fashion. Practical application of the knowledge and skills will be demonstrated in projects reflected at both the personal and work level.

Consumer Knowledge: To develop a knowledge base that will enable students to develop buying practices when designing or procuring clothing and textile products.
Technological Advances: To gain knowledge of the changes in the production of clothing and in the textiles industries and how they influence the lives of people today.
Careers and Employment: To explore career opportunities that may lead to successfulemployment in the areas of clothing, textiles, and fashion.
Personal Skills: To allow students to cultivate practical clothing skills that can be used in their daily lives.
Entrepreneurship: To develop entrepreneurial skills and evaluate opportunities within the textile and fashion industry.




Garment Construction Techniques – I

The subject aims to inculcate technical and creative skills required for handcraft tailoring, couture-inspired fashion and contemporary design for the modern wardrobe. Tradition and Technology both play an equal part in the course.

Technical Fashion Illustrations

This subject combines technical expertise with conceptual thinking, students learn through a variety of media, considering both the creative core and the progressive peripheries of fashion.

Creative Surfaces and Textiles

The students will be introduced to the various textile surface embellishment techniques used in industries to enhance the look of the garments/ fabric.

World Costumes and Textiles

In this subject, the students will be encouraged to look back into the past in order to shape the future, by researching historical genre of draping, accessorizing and beautification of the body.

Draping Art

The importance of fabric knowledge will be developed using independent research and the evaluation of fabric properties to enable students to select appropriate materials in relation to their quality, performance, characteristics and design intentions. This subject also intends to develop an application of technical skills using creative drape practices.



Garment Construction-II

The students will undergo an in-depth research of material and technical experiments for clothing. Student will learn principal of physical needs, not as performing gender but as performing the body.

Surface Ornamentation Techniques

This subject will expose the students to the research, visual, creative and practical skills required in contemporary professional practice by understanding the unique fusion of traditional skills in embroidering, dyeing, printing, weaving and non-woven textiles, and also innovative materials-based textile design in fashion and its forecasting.

Media and Communication for Fashion

In this subject, emergent new media design methods will be examined in a broad context of evolving cultural, technological, sociological and scientific developments. Students will have an opportunity to develop collective and personal communication skills to convey complex ideas and apply methods for crafting the message, presentation techniques and personal Web communication. The course will address marketing and public relations for design firms as an extension of the designer’s voice.

Textile Care and Handling

The subject aims to develop an understanding of how to handle and care for various fabrics.

Project Dissertation

This Project will provide a wide array on World craft or Indian Craft which is an integral part of Fashion since years. This Project assists in understanding various crafts, students are required to develop products using their design skills.

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