Interior Design: Learn the new innovations in Interior!

One Year Foundation Program

The One-Year course provides the students with a firm foundation in design thinking and the basics of technical drawing and exposure to various types of materials used in interiors.

Two Year Advance Program

The Two-Year course provides the students with all the knowledge and information required by a professional interior designer including professional practice, budgeting and estimating quantities and cost.

Three Year Specialisation Program

The Three –Year offers the students an opportunity to specialize in various aspects of interior design such as Vastu Shastra, Portfolio Development, Bathroom and Kitchen Design…

Super Specialisation in Interior Design

The PG in interior Design is designed to provide the knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to operate in a challenging and challenging global environment.

Course Overview

INIFD is one of the foremost centres for Interior Design in India. Our pioneering new programs challenge students to explore space in context through the intersection of theory and practice, positioning them to shape a future in interior design that is innovative and interdisciplinary. It will also offer unique opportunities to transform concepts into tangible products, services and experiences. We nurture the next generation of interior designers. Our sole aim is to give them the skills they need and provide them with unique insights into this ever-changing industry. INIFD is very proud of its reputation. Ideas are at the heart of what we teach our students. Our staff and students use designing as the tool to challenge social, political and ethical agendas.

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Fundamentals of Interior Design:

This subject exposes the students to the basics of design and the fundamentals of design theory. Students will learn to understand and appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including colour and colour theory. The study of human factors like ergonomics and anthropometry will be an integral part of the course so that students will be able to understand the relation between the natural and the built environment. The subjects form the foundation of an interior designer’s work as it helps the designer to come up with original ideas and communicate them too.

Career Option

Entrepreneurship Services Manufacturing Units
Interior Designers Visual Merchandiser Animation and Graphics
Consultancy Firm Interior Stylist Model Maker
Furniture Manufacturer Interior Service Systems Furniture Designer
Export House Lecturership Estimators and Valuers
Glass Designer Stage Designer Mural Designer
Lifestyle Boutiques Event Management Colour Consultant
Home Furnishing Stores Retail Designer Project Manager
Vastu Consultant Conceptual Artist Fabrication
Landscape Designer 3D Artist Hardware Designer

Evolution of Interior Design:

This subject aims to inculcate the attribution of awareness and appreciation among the students about the evolution of interior design and furniture, their growth and development through the ages. It is a theory-based course and focuses on the various components that students would study and apply in their creative efforts. There are four main aspects that focus on different areas like planning and designing of office space, retail store designing, hospitality designs, and one teaches the interior designer to have an understanding of how to run a business and market his/her skills.

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