Fashion Show – SPECTRUM 2019 | Zodiac |

 In Cover, General

The world today seems to be full of chaos, hardships and unspeakable evils. A resonating question is WHY do people do the things they do.
Keeping these thoughts in mind, this year Students of INIFD have decided on the theme of the ZODIAC as the show theme. It is said that charity begins at home and so decoding the puzzle of humanity starts with understanding oneself. One of the ways of looking within starts with understanding the stars under which one is born and the attributes – both positive and negative of the same. With this thought our students have studied themselves as per their individual zodiac signs to better understand the driving force behind their thoughts and actions. Some have gone ahead to better understand groups of zodiac under the elements of Air, Water, Fire or Earth to get a better understanding of compatibility of signs. Though a small step in understanding humanity, we believe another benefit of this theme has been reinstating the lost art of INTROSPECTION, of understanding our own self and behaviour before passing judgement on others. This is the need of the hour as the rush to be first on Social media has left the present generation lost in terms of self-understanding and thus in understanding how to live with each other in balance and harmony. The stars remind us that we are all part of a whole and every similarity and every difference must be celebrated to live a rich and full life as a species.